In the Middle of Nowhere – by Joshua Kumi-Yeboah

The Family

Far, far away, where nobody knows, were a family richer than the any royal couple. They thought money was everything and could bring many good things in life; sometimes it can and sometimes not. Their four children knew nothing about their parents’ richness, but they knew that they had a lot of toys.


John (the father) wanted the family to go on a little break to a holiday resort. Three of the kids sprang up in joy and rushed to pack many suitcases.  John and his wife Wendy didn’t know what was going to happen, all they knew was that there would be a lot of noise in the car. As you might have guessed, their car was expensive and it was bigger than a family car, plus it had lots more upgrades too. There were dozens of game consoles and toys that the kids could play with. It also had two levels and some stairs to connect to the upper portions.


Their Journey


After a week or two, the family were ready and set to go. The kids were awfully excited, so they jumped in the car and settled in. The car revved and the wheels moved. The kids waved to their home (as if they would never see it again) and started with their game.


John and Wendy took turns driving because they both had their driving licenses. John had the first period of driving. He was a fast driver, unlike his wife, and couldn’t slow down; he’s even too fast for the speed cameras.  In another of his latest cars, John was speeding away on the motorway when a car pulled its breaks right in his tracks causing him to crash straight into the person’s boot. Luckily, the fine went to the man in the car for not signalling that he was going to break. John did get in trouble for speeding, but he was free seconds later.

Because of his mistake (Wendy remembered), Wendy decided to take charge of the driving for at least an hour. John didn’t agree but still allowed her.

“Dad, are we there yet?” the kids chanted from the back of the car.

“No, we are defiantly not, besides I’m not the one driving.”


A short silence followed, until Lucy shrieked “WWWAAAHHH!!!” 

Lucy (the baby) noticed that a sea monster was swimming alongside their car. The oldest, Ben, was more excited than ever but didn’t know what it was going to do to them. All the cars stopped and people took out their cameras to take a snap shot of it without it noticing. Sadly it always had its eye out and got too frustrated that it broke out of the river and started to attack. Ben’s excitement turned into doom as the monster attacked him first. Everyone on the motorway bounced into their car except John and Wendy. They thought they were brave enough to fight, but they ended up in the same way as their son and so did the rest of the family except little Lucy.


Life Underwater



Now since Lucy was a new born baby, everyone adored her.


This is what happened with the sea monster; it just stopped for a while then struck. It got out an arm and took her. The monster had a gas mask to put over her mouth and nose and it had goggles to put over her eyes. Now Lucy was prepared to live happily under water with her new carer. They lived happily ever after until 20 years, when the sea monster died, but how did Lucy live on happily all by herself?


About the Author (in his own words)

My name is Joshua Kumi – Yeboah and I am nine years old. I was born in South London (UK) and come from a Ghanaian heritage. I am in year 5 and preparing for my eleven plus exam and SAT test.

 Since I was three years old I have been very interested  in writing stories and have written many stories. Writing is not an easy thing to accomplish but just climb that mountain and you’ve made it. Like most boys I like football and do a lot of reading.  Reading helps to make stories so that’s why authors read lots and lots of good books; like JK Rowling and Roald Dahl.

 I have won and achieved many awards and certificates for writing stories and legible handwriting. Also at school I am now a reading buddy to help younger children read better. I’ve also been chosen to be school council in year 1, 3, 4 and 5 and been chosen to have a debate at Maidstone (Kent) representing my school and the whole of Dartford.

My uncle (Nana Damoah) has been writing lots of books and he’s inspired me to write more. When he publishes his books, I feel like I have to publish some of my stories. Nana has been a big inspiration to me.

So, hope you enjoy the stories that I write. They might be short but I guarantee that they are good. So have fun and take care.